The Themis Project
Themis is an open-source Network Vulnerability Scanner for use by security professionals in auditing enterprise devices and applications for known security vulnerabilities. Themis contains sophisticated yet simple script language that enables contributors to easily write and add new security checks.

Themis is a completely free and open source project running under the GNU license that can perform auto updates, generate SQL/HTML/TEXT reports, and perform a multitude of other tasks.


Center for Continual Vigilance
The Center for Continual Vigilance (CCV), located in Chicago, IL, serves as a training and development facility for the Themis Project. The Center enables computer science students to contribute signatures to Themis and to participate in development of additional open sources features and functionality. For more information on college or student participation, visit

Vigilon, Inc.
Themis was developed by the research and development team of Vigilon, Inc., a leading provider of vulnerability management solutions. Vigilon takes an active role in the security industry and believes that the cooperative exchange of knowledge and experience within the open source community is essential to combating continually evolving cyber security problems that threaten consumers, businesses and government organizations worldwide. For more information, visit

Themis in Mythology
Themis was the Titaness of order and justice.  Her word was seen as law. Themis is depicted as the blindfolded goddess, seated upon her throne, carrying a sword and a scale. The blindfold symbolizes her impartiality in judgment and setting reward or penalty. The scale was used to measure the deed at hand, and the sword was used to deliver justice.